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A Heart of Joy
By D. Micheal
  Standing at five-foot-six at age thirteen, Abby has the potential to go far as a fashion and beauty model right here in the state of Iowa and she is still growing.
We first ran into Abby and her father at a local Fareway grocery store and  Abby sure appeared to have a stunning face for modeling; she was several inches shorter than she is now. Time sure flies....
  We gave the Dad our information and never expected to hear from them again! However, fortunately, for us, we did.
  Abby has a heart condition called Pulmonary Hypertension, and she struggles at times with waves of fatigue brought on by this disease. She uses an oxygen tank for help with breathing more comfortably.
  Meeting the family was bittersweet. Learning about her condition  definitely tugs at the heart. Abby's youthful love of fun is obvious. She  is the sweet part.
  During Abby's first ever photo shoot, she was giggly and fun, and took  posing direction well. It wasn't long before she knew what we were looking for.
  Abby didn't wear any makeup at all. She is blessed with a near perfect  complexion, as you can see clearly from her photos.
In spite of her illness, Abby maintains her joy of life. It is inspiring and reminds us to enjoy the small things in life. Like a photo shoot on a sunny day.
  Go ahead and check out Abby's financial support page at GoFundMe. It has more information about her situation.
Thank you, Abby for joining us at Midwest Model Agency. You are my new hero.

Abby's GoFundMe account:

About Pulmonary Hypertension Information: hypertension/symptoms-causes/syc-20350697