Iowa Teens Star in Low-Budget Sci-Fi Spoof
By D.W. And M.K.

“Orangedale in the 25th Century” isn't your typical teen film.”
“Convincing the models and the parents was a difficult task. “We needed attention for these girls. We needed to get them on film!” David Whitney, manager at Midwest Model Agency, explains.
The vision was simple; take four beautiful young models, put them in sci-fi costumes with blasters, and have them march around zapping people. Simple right?
“We were going to have them wear silver and gold body-suits at first, but those do not breathe very well,” David says, “The girls could have gotten overheated.”
Making a film with virtually no budget is a daunting task. You have to find people willing to donate their valuable time and energy. You have to do it gracefully. Gently.  And most importantly, you have to do it right.
So a script was written as a comedy. What would happen if Star-Trek like officers landed in a small Iowa town, obsessed with their dark-yellow corn crop? What if the locals assumed they were teens heading to the Prom? Granted, no one dies in the film, but they do get zapped into cheese crackers.
Enter Starfleet Studios. Maker of fan films such as the “Voyager Continues” series,with stand-alone shorts such as “Raven” and “Derelict.”
“What you have to do is count your assets.” David continues, posing this question,“Since you don't have money, what do you have?”
In this case, they had costumes, laser guns, cameras, and most importantly, the people.
People—like actors James L Brockhohn and Preshia Paulding. Cosplayers like Tawnya Holly. Other film-makers like Alexander Dingeman, who played the role of Don Solo.
And the whole point of the production? Clever promotion of the models.
“We think our models are great. They deserve promotion. One of our models has even caught the eye of a larger talent agency, though I can’t name who,” David goes on to say, “It's not only an opportunity to introduce a lot of the people involved to film-making,
but also to the public in general.”
Midwest Model Agency of Iowa was tapped to cast the roles for the film, which mostly sources their projects and talents online and through social media.
And in the end, the film turned out much longer than expected.
“We were hoping for ten to fifteen minutes,” David laughs, adding, “We got twenty.”
If you haven't seen the video, it’s available to the public for free online as “Orangedale in the 25th Century”. Starfleet Studios on YouTube hosts it, and you can also see it at or
“And then go over to Midwest Model Agency's website and check out our talented people,” David closes with a smile.
Will there be more teen models blasting humans in the future?
One can only hope.
Orangedale in the 25th Century
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