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  Before we talk about her inner beauty and her stunning character, let us first talk about how beautiful Kaitlyn is from a modeling perspective. Kaitlyn is not just another model from Iowa. She bears a resemblance to several well known actresses, and we think you can guess who. This is only part of the reason why she's the front cover for the first ever issue of Real Beauty Magazine.
  Models fall into several different categories: Face models, body models, spokes modeling, just to name a few...but it's rare that someone bears so many of the typical characteristics fashion institutions look for more than others.
At five foot nine inches tall, Kaitlyn is in a unique position to succeed as a model not just in Iowa, but almost anywhere.
  It was her eyes that got our attention. And of course then we saw her face, and it looked familiar. We could see hints of other models and actors in her facial structure. So we approached her family about the possibility of getting her in for a photo shoot.
  We were fairly sure that she had a face for modeling. And we were right. Sure, anyone can tell if another person is pretty, but there are certain attributes that make faces more photogenic than others. Not to say this is a rule, but needless to say, Kaitlyn is beautiful.
  Kaitlyn is a very talented young lady. She sings, dances and performs all over Central Iowa. She's performed on stage and at the Iowa State Fair. She is the girl next door, even though she's been in a commercial.
  She played Belle on stage in a local production of "Beauty and the Beast" and it's easy to see why she was chosen.
  But good looks aren't everything. It's what's inside that counts the most. And Kaitlyn is beautiful on the inside.
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