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Gracie Under Pressure
By D. Micheal
The Iowa Fall weather was beginning to move in. It's October, and Midwest Model had one last outdoor shoot for the season. There would be no wardrobe changes; just a scarf.
  Gracie is a professional business woman, a restauranteur, and we had been allotted our time with the camera.
  One hour.
  Gracefully for us, downtown
Perry, Iowa has no lack of photogenic locations. The buildings are reminiscent of a time way back to the 1930's.
  So after several quick photos on Willis Street we headed down the road to a special spot that had been waiting for us all day.
  I believe we may be the first group to have ever done a photo shoot at this location. This Thomas Kincaid look-alike house tucked sneakily off the street.
   And even if we weren't, I'm just going to brag as if we were. Because the house is a testimony of decades old American architecture. You may see something like this in the future, but if you do, it would most likely be a copy. A fake.
   The brick here is actually part of the structure, not just added for good looks.
  And as we wrapped up the session in time for Gracie to head off to work, I hoped that perhaps we could have another chance to shoot here again. Maybe in something white.
  Something out of a fairy tale.